We are now offering an online Owner Portal through www.promascentral.com

Promascentral.com is a secure, password protected interface through which owners can access their accounts online. The setup is very easy and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. You will be able to view, download and print your statements, copies of invoices and other account related documents. Statements will be uploaded monthly on the morning of the 11th, and will be viewable the same day. We believe that our owners will find the portal very convenient and easy, and are hoping that more people will take the first step in helping our office go green. If the Owner Portal is something you would like to participate in or would like more information, please contact Jaime Thurman by phone at 541-756-0347 or by email at Jaime@eledwardsrealty.com

To view a short tutorial or to logon to your existing account, please click here

Some of the things we do for Property Owners:

Place Tenants
If you have vacancies, you will find our Marketing Specialist very knowledgeable about the market and aggressive in techniques to secure tenants with as little turnover as possible. We like to establish rents at a fair market yet competitive rate. We recruit tenants through our regular lists and our continuous advertisement in The World. We show property, screen applicants including credit reports, verification of income, and contacts with landlords and personal references. If necessary, our initial process can begin with evicting a tenant or at least getting them back on the right track.

We prepare all rental documents including agreement and related forms. We provide a new tenant packet with forms, special information and instructions. An existing tenant will be asked to update the application information and sign a new contract.

Rent and Deposits
We collect in advance the first month of rent and a refundable security deposit which is established approximately equal to 2 months of rent. Pet and last month rent are possible additional deposits. We like to establish the rent at a competitive rate but also high enough to allow the owner to set aside funds for routine maintenance and repairs between tenants. The tenant will be charged for rent owed, repair of damages they have caused, and excessive cleaning. When a tenant owes in excess of $100 over their deposit and they make no arrangement to pay within a short time, the account is forwarded to a collection agency.